Table of Contents

Introduction p. 9

Visions p. 17

January p. 23
In which the Hunkpapa Sioux weigh their options, Henry Plummer meets his fate, Mollie Sheehan suffers a fall from innocence, Gad Upson takes over as Blackfeet agent, and William Andrews Clark sows the seeds of a great fortune.

February p. 39
In which Nathaniel Langford meets with President Lincoln, Francis Thompson carries an important item to Washington City, and a ranching dynasty is born.

March p. 49
In which James Stuart leads an expedition to the Big Horn, Johnny Grant’s seven children are baptized, and Charlie Russell is born.

April p. 69
In which John Owen lobbies for a new territory and spring comes for the Kootenai people.

May p. 83
In which James Vail tells the story of his failed mission at Sun River Indian Farm, the Salish gather the bitterroot and negotiate a treaty, and President Lincoln signs Montana Territory into existence.

June p. 115
In which Abram Voorhees journeys to and from Montana and summer comes to the Assiniboine.

July p. 127
In which General Sully leads an attack on the Hunkpapa Sioux and their allies, street fights break out in Benton City on the Fourth of July, a Protestant minister arrives on the Madison River, and Last Chance Gulch is discovered.

August p. 147
In which the Crows defend their homeland against the Sioux and Cheyenne, James Fergus sends an angry letter to Pamelia, his wife, Bull Lodge becomes a great leader of the A’aninin, John Bozeman founds a town, and Victor Charlo describes home.

September p. 175
In which Coth-co-co-na tells the story of her marriage to Malcolm Clarke, Gad Upson distributes annuities to the allied Blackfeet nations, and James Welch provides an overview of settlement.

October p. 187
In which prospectors stampede Silver Bow Creek, the Chinese settle in German Gulch, the Republicans hold a rally in Virginia City, and Sisters of Providence establish a boarding school at St. Ignatius.

November p. 199
In which the Sand Creek Massacre is told, Sweet Medicine prophesies the Cheyenne future, and Higgins, Worden, and Pattee begin building Missoula Mills.

December p. 207
In which Judge Hosmer calls out the Vigilantes, Governor Edgerton calls the first territorial legislature into session, and Calamity Jane arrives in Montana.

After p. 221
In which Mollie Sheehan dances on news of Lincoln’s death, Victor sends a letter of concern to Governor Edgerton, and M. L. Smoker offers a final wisdom.

Acknowledgments p. 225

Sources p. 226

References p. 236

Index p. 245